Life is still beautiful!

Food 4 the Soul

The queen in this house hold

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Her name is “Zoey” means  “Life” in Greek.

The Urban dictionary describes her name as “Sweat Heart”

The name was popular among early Christians as a way of showing their hopes for eternal life.

 In our Household she is our little princess and priceless!

She gives love unconditionally…

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She is nothing much than fur..

And two big round yellow eyes..

She runs around in rings

See invisible things…

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I took a chance and I believed,

A promise is a very special thing

A promise can be empty if it’s just a bunch of scattered words,

I can only watch and see what time hold for me,

and I wish you never fail me.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, the clock is moving..

Hope is there for those who wait and see…

My words are my prayers..

My hopes are my promises!

We are all special in our own way!


I’m glad to be in a box of colors and to be a part of each one and yet uniquely my own.

Christmas 2011

I have one wish for YOU…..

That you may experience His great Love

The peace He has brought to us

And the Joy that we have when we know Him Personally.

I have spent my day with the people who are most important

in my Life….

My Dad


My Mom


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My Love

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My Darling Son






Being alone and enjoying quite time is very healing to my soul,

Everyone needs regular time to reflect and allow the soul to quit down,

My mind needs to rest; it needs to experience the peace found in solitude.

Emotions need time to settle and level out.

They need time to to recover from daily life.

When I feel weary and as if I cannot go on, solitude help me find the determination I need

to finish what I’m doing with Joy!

Just a thought before bedtime…

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It’s late Saturday night, and I’m looking at the stars,
Wondering why, life at times, can seem great.
But sometimes, it took me to just think,
My life could change, faster than a blink.

Is this a reason why we should always cherish?
And knowing when loved ones may suddenly perish.
Living everyday, like it was our very last,I know we hear this often
for our days could be very long or go by very fast

So I’ll cherish the people in my life and hope to take nothing for granted,
not say things that shouldn’t be chanted, this one not always easy…!
Ask the ones close to me…
If this is the last day I have on this earth,
I accept my life, for what it’s been worth.

Tomorrow isn’t promised to young or old alike,
Today may be the last day I’m able to hold you tight and tell you
that you really matter!!

Instead of teaching them…

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Children are born with all the wisdom.

Instead of teaching them too much we must nourish what they already know and unlearn what we have been taught!!

They are like walking encyclopedias!!


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Do this just 4 Today

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Just For Today,
smile at a stranger
listen to someone’s heart
drop a coin where a child can find it
learn something new,
then teach it to someone
tell someone you’re thinking of them
hug a loved one
don’t hold a grudge
don’t be afraid to say “I’m sorry”

Look a child in the eye
and tell them
how great they are
don’t kill that spider in your house,
he’s just lost, show him the way out
look beyond the face of a person
into their heart
make a promise, and keep it
call someone,
for no other reason than to just say “hi”
show kindness to an animal
stand up for what you believe in
smell the rain,
feel the breeze,
listen to the wind
use all your senses
to their fullest
cherish all of your Today

Today you were thought about by me…


Let Me Dance


Let me dance for you,
around and around
oh, please, let me dance for you
because it is the only thing I know to do
a place where permission is not needed to let my body go,
but sometimes there is beauty in being ungraceful
because to the art I am being faithful……

I want to dance again…
over and over,
again and again…
I’m a dancer,
powerful and free….

my body moves
to every beat
the music runs through me
from my head to my feet

I leap through the air
I twirl across the floor
dance comes from my heart
my inner core

Let me dance for you….
again and again…
my heart’s content
I’m happy now……

Changes in our lives

Change happens all the time
Whether expected or not
Convenient or inconvenient for ourselves
Most of the  time
We have no say in the changes which are going on
But ultimately it is how we react and deal with that
That will determine whether we stay or go…..

And sometimes to escape from all of this
I reflect on simpler times when I was a child
The whole world seemed magical then (can you remember that)?
But at some point everything changed and I began to see the world as it really is
A complex Spiral of good deeds and sin
Disaster and recovery
Faith and hope
Fear and courage
Love and happiness
And a whole mix of other things

I wish for more courage at times, to just do what I wanted
Yet I must be the one to act
Or else it will not change
And I will not gain anything

Some changes are beyond our control
But others can only occur if we allow them
If we can learn how to change our lives for the better
And live life to the fullest
Then we can truly say that change is good…….


Once upon a time…


Once I spoke the language of the flowers,
Once I understood each word the caterpillar said,
Once I smiled in secret at the gossip of the starlings,
And shared a conversation with the house fly
Once I heard and answered all the questions
of the crickets,
And joined the crying of every jackal,
Once I spoke the language of the flowers. . . .


The World is still Beautiful



Every minute unleashing all day is a beautiful minute;
getting you acclimatized with the pace of life,

Every flower protruding from soil is a beautiful
flower; spreading its mesmerizing scent deeply into
your nostrils,

Every face smiling in the universe is a beautiful
face; brilliantly portraying your visage,

Every bird flying in the cosmos is a beautiful bird;
overwhelming your ears with its melodious sounds,

Every mountain towering towards the sky is a beautiful
mountain; appeasing your eyes with its picturesque

Every root of grass projecting from the jungle is a
beautiful root; tingling your senses; making you
exotically dream,

Every hand that serves philanthropically is a
beautiful hand; propagating an egalitarian spirit in
whosoever it caresses,

Every stream that flows through land is a beautiful
stream; pacifying the thirst of several scorched in

Every eye that views goodness in this world is a
beautiful eye; sharing empathy with millions of
bereaved lying around,

Every cloud in the sky is a beautiful cloud; showering
droplets of euphoric rain on earth; shielding it from
acerbic rays of the sun,
Every language spoken is a beautiful language;
assisting a person to convey his innermost of

Every mirror embedded on the walls is a beautiful
mirror; portraying to you your candid reflection,

Every color that circumvents your visage is a
beautiful color; symbolizing the oneness of human

Every voice that emanates from the throat is a
beautiful voice; explicitly expressing a persons needs
and desires,

Every mind impregnated within the skull is a beautiful
mind; having the unfathomable ability to achieve the

Every foot that walks innocently is a beautiful foot;
leaving behind a trail of holistic footprints,

Every leaf that extrudes from the tree is a beautiful
leaf; entrenching the dull; with shades of everlasting

Every mother having delivered a child is a beautiful
mother; continuing the wonderful process of evolution,

Every heart imprisoned inside the chest is a beautiful
heart; passionately throbbing when struck by an
ensemble of emotions,

And every entity trespassing through the surface of
this earth is a beautiful entity; making the globe a
beautiful place to live in; giving rise to the famous
and immortal adage; which proudly proclaims that





 I have to believe, that I am special
And the belief, that I am a star
Will make me a star.
A star, which glows because of the belief
Is truly a star, which I will be
By glowing like a star, who is unique
Just by being as I am
Is the glow of a star, unique through this belief ….


Said my Pajamas and put on my Prayers ;-))



 Said My Pajamas and Put on My Prayers 

I climbed up the door, and opened the stairs;
I said my pajamas and put on my pray’rs,
I turned off the bed and crawled into the light
And all because you kissed me (kiss) goodnight.Next morning I woke and scrambled my shoes;
I shined up an egg, then I toasted the news;
I buttered my clothes, and took another bite;
And all because you kissed me (kiss) goodnight

By evening I felt normal, so we went out again
You said “Goodnight,” and kissed me, I hurried home and then
I climbed up the door, and opened up the stairs;
I said my pajamas and put on my pray’rs;
I turned off the bed, and crawled into the light
And all because you kissedme (kiss) goodnight.

I powdered my hair, and pinned up my nose;
I hung up the bath, and I turned on my clothes;
I put out the clock, and wound the cat up tight;
And all because you kissed me (kiss) goodnight
I ran up the shade and pulled down the stair;

I curled up the rug, and I vacuumed my hair;
I just couldn’t tell my left foot from my right;
And all because you kissed me (kiss) goodnight

By evening I felt normal, so we went out again
You said, “Goodnight,” and kissed me, I hurried home and then
I lifted the preacher and called up the phone;
I spoke to the dog, and I threw your Ma a bone;
‘Twas midnight, and yet the sun was shining bright,
And all because you kissed me (kiss) goodnight.





As I watch you sleeping
I pray sweet dreams fill your head
And your heart soars high on angels’ wings
As you lie quietly in bed

May you drift off to a land
Full of enchantment and delight
Where every rainbow has a pot of gold
Glistening in the bright sunlight

A place where heroes never stumble
Riding bravely on white steeds
And nothing is impossible
As long as you believe

But should a ghost or demon
Ever disturb your peaceful sleep
Know that I’ll be by your side
To slay it at your feet

Then I’ll hold you close
And rock you gently in my arms
Until you’re safely back in Dreamland
With all its magic and its charms  




“To Achieve
You Must Believe”

Deep within your eyes
Lies disappointment tinged with fear
That all you want will not come true
And you fight to hold back tears

Hope is quickly fading
As the door slams in your face
Snatching up your dreams
Leaving heartache in its place

Acknowledge what you’re feeling
But don’t let it take control
Evict it from your mind
Before it invades your heart and soul

Your dreams will not abandon you
So don’t abandon them
‘Cause if you let that happen
Your heart will never mend

Attitude is crucial
If you’re ever to succeed
Don’t give up and know your dreams
Will give you what you need

To achieve you must believe
You are destined not to fail
Hold on to your precious dreams
Until the day that you prevail



My home becomes a Science lab




With all the experiments going on

in my home…

Coetzee has 2 do a lot for his

practical hours…

But we both love it….

i’m still learning new AMAZING

things now…

I’m telling him every day…

He is going 2 b one of the

greatest Scientist of all times…


Have a great and wonderful


Love u ALL…Red heart





()”””() WAIT…
( “o” ) Don�t
(,><.) Sleep
let me pray
( -o-)
( ,(“)),
Dear God, please. let my frnd get sweet dreams, Good nite..;-)







hawks fly, rabbits hop, trees grow
it is their nature


friends cry, lovers die, hopes flow
it is our nature


acceptance dawns
when i open my eyes
and see all
as it is

which leads to

a tear, a hug, a giggle  


hAve A gReat WeEkeNd!!






                          ♥ ♥ ..HapPiNeSs..♥ ♥


  HaPpIneSS Is HapPinESSHapPinEss MAkEs you wHispEr,

HAppinEss MAkes YoU Love,

HappInEss Takes comManD.

HappInEss MakeS You Calm,

HaPpInEss GiVEs You coMfORt,

HaPpInEss MAKes you haPpy,

HappInEss MAkES you murMur.

HApPiNess TuRnEd peOplE To Love You,

HappInEss IS loVe,

HapPiNess Is HonEstY,

HappIneSs FOrm PeAce.

HappIneSs IS What we’re waiTiNg,

HappInEss Is DeeP DoWn InSide,

HappInESs Is GOnNa save Us,

hapPineSs Makes mE loVe U.