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The big shock – Heart bypass surgery

 photo frans1.jpg 

On Monday night the 13th of January Frans ( my fiance) got severe chest pain,

On Wednesday night the 15th again…then it’s off to the GP.

Some test shown something is wrong with his heart…;-(

The dr sent him for more test…

Monday the 20th he booked in hospital for an Angiogram ( a process that provides your dr with precise information about your heart condition, allow much more individual treatment)

The heart specialist immediately re comment a heart bypass – in Frans case they need to bypass 5 of the 6 arteries to his heart..;-~(

The purpose of the ” bypass” operation is to supply blood to the part of the heart, which does not have an adequate blood supply – quoted from Cardio rehabilition of Wilgers Hospital

(a Heart bypass operation can last anything from 5 hours and more…Frans was in theatre for hours I can’t remember..)

They “harvest” veins from your legs and then use it to replace the “faulty” ones to your heart.

An incision was made in his breastbone in order to attach the grafts, the heart is stopped and placed on a bypass pump..)

He had so many drains in his body…drips that I stopped counting.

This is a very high risk procedure…and people said worth at the end.

In Frans case the main reason for his blocked arteries was SMOKING – also the biggest cause of heart disease.

There are other reasons for this condition as well: Hypertension, high blood cholesterol, Overweight, Lack of exercise and of course

the word stress.

We have a healthy life style…he is fit and very active…yes there is stress..but still not the main reason for his.

He is in his second week of recovery and is on a 8 week recovery program.

 photo frans2.jpg

3 responses

  1. Tell him I said “welcome to the club”! I had triple bypass in 1991 and five stents added since then. But, I’m alive and functioning normally every day. Well, mostly. When they disconnect your heart and hook you up to that machine . . . . . something nearly indescribable happens to your mental being. And that doesn’t go away (even if you wanted it to which most don’t). Hang in there, Ilse, he’s about to change!

    February 2, 2014 at 15:36

  2. Sweetie i send some strength & many healing prayers for your Frans xx

    February 9, 2014 at 11:40

  3. My dear, dear Ilse. I am so very very sorry that I never told you or let it show how much you meant to me throughout this period, how much I love you and still do and never saw the sorrow and hurt in your eyes and soul. My Love I am so sorry that I was to busy with my own stuff that I did not even recognize the love that you showered onto me…. My Love I am so sorry for the talks we did not have but only sitting in my comfort zone ignoring your feelings… My Love I am so sorry for what I really did by not recognizing your needs, your love, your passion, your companionship, your soothing voice, your encouragement… I am so very very sorry my love!!!! I still love you with all my heart, but I will understand, though it breaks me apart. As I do not understand what the purpose of all this heartache is, please accept my apology as I only know realize after this last 2 months how I treated you… I STILL LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.


    November 27, 2014 at 10:37

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