Life is still beautiful!

Fairies in my Little Garden



In my garden, near the bottom,
In a place so long forgotten,
Where the vegetation’s rotten,
Lives a fairy family.

Now, their story is so tragic,
They have lost the gift of magic,
And you don’t want to lose that trick,
Just between you and me.

So they spend all day just searching,
Quickly, at each other’s urging,
And it’s getting to be verging,
On the manic, don’t you see?

But I think that we are able,
To return their mood to stable,
Put them back in land of fable,
Oh, how happy they would be.

Magic dust! It’s hard to fake it,
But I’ll try my best to make it,
And then you and I can take it,
Down the garden, you and me.

And we’ll give it to the fairies,
It will stop them being wary,
They’ll return to lands less scary,
It’ll happen, wait and see.

Now, the fairies are so happy,
And their feet are all a-tappy,
For the’ve got their magic, snappy,
And they’re heading for that tree.

It’s goodbye to us they’re waving,
And it’s memories we’re saving,
Of those fairies all behaving,
In a manner filled with glee.



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