Life is still beautiful!



8 responses

  1. Pau

    Beautifully said, it’s really just so well written,  hope you have a great evening and you feel better.  Love you dear xxPauline

    July 23, 2008 at 16:25

  2. kinkel's

    keep the little girl alive! ~ how is your ear? you feeling better?

    July 23, 2008 at 16:25

  3. T

    Wonderful blog!
    I still have a child in me and I hope there will always be.
    Lots of love,

    July 23, 2008 at 16:28

  4. Sininen

    I bet you have that child left

    July 23, 2008 at 16:44

  5. Willie

    Kyk nou alweer ‘n pragtige gedig net om die verlange na daardie dae weer terug te bring can’t we be fore ever young 

    July 23, 2008 at 17:39

  6. Angel eyes

    As my dear friend pointed out to me I’m just a frightened little girl inside  angel eyes

    July 23, 2008 at 20:39

  7. Al's

    Good bye, my friend.

    July 24, 2008 at 00:04


    This is very impressive a writing…
    I hope everybody take lesson from?
    The Children everything!!!
    Thank you for this writing!
    I hope…. They can smile everytime!

    July 24, 2008 at 12:37

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