Life is still beautiful!



 Do you ever stand and wonder,
Why the sky is full of thunder,
Why the planets move in space,
And why you always stand and wonder?

Do you ever sit there thinking,
Why your eyes are always blinking,
Why a person falls in love,
And why you always sit there thinking?

Do you ever lie there sleeping,
Dreaming of a monster, creeping,
Wishing you were wide awake,
Instead of lying there and sleeping?

Do you think you’re going crazy,
And your world is getting hazy,
Just because you always think,
That maybe you are going crazy?

Do you think I’m being silly,
That my favourite plant’s a lily,
Which is placed upon a grave,
Or do you think that’s being silly?

Do you think we’ll ever finish,
Wars that grow but not diminish,
Will we ever live in peace,
And do you think we’ll ever finish?

Do you think you’ll have more questions,
Maybe even some suggestions,
Or cave in; resign your will,
Or sit and dream and ask more questions?

3 responses

  1. Angel eyes

    lovely interesting blog angel eyes

    July 2, 2008 at 09:56

  2. kinkel's

    perhaps this blog is for the thinkers-don’t look here are a lot of them-lol. I LIKE THINGS LIKE THIS- now i have to think- ha ha

    July 2, 2008 at 13:16


    I think
    I am being curiosity about to be annihilated
    I wonder how many person to negative effect
    To be important this
    How many much person
    As nice true as
    If You can your love to communicate
    Our have love to fell every person
    You true person

    July 2, 2008 at 14:11

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