Life is still beautiful!



 Death Is Just a Stage of Life
Letting a loved one go
Is never an easy task.
But setting their spirit free
May be what our Father asks.
For when someone dies
An agreement
has been reached,
Between their soul and God.
It’s a promise
that can’t be breached.
Struggling to understand death
Is like wandering
through a maze.
For death
 is just a part of life,
It’s only another stage.
So i really shouldn’t question
God’s timing or His grace,
For when we leave
 these Earthly bonds
We’ll see God’s smiling face.
What better reward in Heaven
Could there possibly be
Than to rest with God eternally?
Oh, what a joy that will be!
So how can I deny
Someone I really love
A chance to be in Heaven
Safe with God above?

3 responses

  1. kinkel's

    the pic almost look like you! is this what you feel today? then i’m happy, acceptance …

    June 7, 2008 at 10:08

  2. p

    It’s very nice darling, I know death is a part of life, from the moment we were born, we are condemmed to die.  It doensn’t always make it easy, but one day we come to an acceptance.  I never lost a man I love, it may be more difficult, but I lost many ppl in a short period, but I had to let them go, but they are still in my heart always.  Take good care my darling, it was a great post, I really appreciated it. xxlove you, Pauline

    June 7, 2008 at 15:18

  3. Angel eyes

    truely to a Christian death is such joy to rest in the compay of god  angel eyes

    June 8, 2008 at 20:57

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