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Absence – Vinicius de Moraes

 I will leave that the desire dies in me

to love your eyes that are candies

Because nothing I will be able to give to or else the hurt to you

to see exhausted perpetual to me

However your presence is any thing

as the light and the life

  and I feel that in my gesture your gesture exists

and in my voice your voice

I do not want you to have because

in my being is everything finished.

I only want that you appear in me

as the faith in the despaired ones

 So that I can take a dew drop

in this cursed land

That was on my meat

as one blemish of the past.

I will leave… you will go and lean

your face in another face

  Your fingers you will enlace other fingers

and you will unclasp for the dawn

But you will not know that who harvested you was I,

because I was the great soul of the night

Because I leaned my face

 in the face of the night and heard yours I say lover

 Because my fingers had enlace the suspended

fingers of the mist in the space

and I brought until me the mysterious essence

of your disordered abandonment.

I will be alone

I eat the sail-boats in the quiet ports

  But I will possess you more than nobody

because I will be able to leave

and all the lamentations of the sea,

the wind, the sky, the birds, the stars

Will be your present voice, your absent voice,

your pacify voice.

(THIS one was send to me from my friend SANDRA)


Ik omhels jou in levenscirkel…
In liefde en licht…
Bas ten Schors…
Rood hart
I embrace you in circle of life…
In love and light…
Rood hart
Le abrazo en el círculo de la vida…
En amor y luz…
Rood hart
Ich umfasse Sie im Kreis des Lebens…
In der Liebe und im Licht…
Rood hart
Eu embrace o no círculo da vida…
No amor e na luz…

Rood hart

Je vous embrasse en cercle de la vie…
Dans l’amour et la lumière…

Rood hart

Li abbraccio nel cerchio di vita…
Nell’amore e nella luce…

Rood hart



2 responses

  1. n

    Very nice, Sandra did a great job translating it, I was having a hard time.  Have a great weekend my friend, xxluv Venus.

    February 29, 2008 at 15:05

  2. only God

    hi Ilse, it is a great surprise, thank you very much,
    I love Vinicius de Moraes, is a wonderful writer that put heart and soul in your words!
    I loved can see the poem here, you are beautiful!
    Kisses, love you!

    February 29, 2008 at 15:39

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