Life is still beautiful!


In my heart there are many hidden places.
It is all filled with very many faces.
If you visit there you will see.
A special place I have saved for you.

I see your suffering and share your pain.
I certainly wish we were well again.

I know and feel what you go through.
Because I have gone to that place too.

It is not for us to question why?
Many a tear we will cry.

We suffer some days more than the rest.
We try to show others our very best.

We don’t want sympathy.
Not from our friends or family.

We just need them to understand.
What we have to try to withstand.

Yes, we are a little depressed and sad.
Remembering, we miss what we had.

It takes away our independence and cheer.
That we enjoyed in our yestermonth.

Let’s look ahead to a new adventure.
Many new things for us to venture.

Remember you’re not really alone.
There are disabilities in every home.

So when you ‘re down and need a friend.
Email me or call me.

Just think if we weren’t as we are,
We would not have met, for we live afar!

What’s that I see upon your face? “A Smile?”
To know you’ve had a friend here, all the while.

So if you are lonely, depressed or sad.
Make this your time to be Glad!

Just remember, I am here for you.
Perhaps even to write a poem or two.

To send you from My Heart to Yours.
To print out and place in dresser drawers!

Pull them out when ever the need.
A smile will grow from this seed!

(something for my very ill dad)

4 responses

  1. Dallas

    This is so wonderful sweetie! So sorry about you dad. Hope he is better soon. Will pray for him and you!

    February 8, 2008 at 00:01

  2. Nozee

    Baie jammer om  hierdie nuus te verneem.Hemelse sterkte wens ek jou en jou familie toe.SNOOP

    February 8, 2008 at 04:05

  3. Lili

    Heeeee my sweet sit Ilse…;o)
    With a lot of Love  and sunshine I pass by to wish you a nice blessed weekend !
    Although your message is for your Father, again it shows me things I needed for my spiritual grow, so it’s not a coïnsidence that I have to read your message ! With this, I will take your dad and you in my prayers ! What seems to be not possible by men, it is possible by our heavenly Father, we only have to BELIEVE  and wonders can happen ! It’s because of our uncertainty wonders can not happen ! So léts pray, hope and believe that our Father can cure, change things, situations or relationships ! I believe, I saw it already with my own eyes !!
    Dear sis, let me wish you also a nice valentine ‘ time…let it dure the whole year …;o) If people would Love each other all the time like it should, the world would be a good place to live for éverybody ;o)
    This weekend I leave home to share some time with my soulmate, friend, but I keep you all in my heart and prayers ! May our heavenly Father bless, protéct, guide, lead you and all your beloved once…With a lot of Love I send you all the good things from my heart your way….Strong sweet shoulderhug from your little sis Lili….take good care…Love you ….;o) oxoxoxo

    February 8, 2008 at 14:01

  4. Purple

    hey sissy,
    me again,
    hope u don’t mind…
    it seems that your dad is really very sick,
    and I hope that you both recieve the strenght of our heavenly Father to carry the things that are so heavy now for you both. Last year when I had cancer, my friend said to me, the power of a prayer is so much more the whatever the doctors say. and I print that text  and put it on my wall, and I read it en read it, all over again and  again. Until the Holy Spirit helped me and put it in my heart and my head. And it gave me so much power, to carry my dissease, you know. And, sweet sis, I pray that for u2, that you may find strenght, strenght that nobody can understand, because it is recieved from above.
    Now, when I look back, I wonder how I maneged that, but there is only one answer: He carried me, just the way he will carry U and your loving daddy.
    Here in Belgium, far away, we pray for you all, don’t forget, and when times get really tough, just give us a mail, because we are one in Christ.
    lots of love…

    March 3, 2008 at 10:33

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