Life is still beautiful!

Valentine- from my friend DALLAS





A hand that holds mine when no other would,

arms that comfort and hold when others pushed aside,

a smile that is genuine,

gentle and kind,

someone who attempts to cheer instead of hurt.

Eyes filled with love

mixed sometimes with wonder or sadness,

someone trying to bring and give what no other would.

Being there to comfort when tears cannot be held back,

wiping them dry,

exchanging them for smiles and the warm feelings of love.

Thank you for being

my valentine.




Dallas Sieck


3 responses

  1. n

    Hi Ilse, commenting to you from the cold, I hope you do ok, there is so much snow here, itès amazing.  ùi love this poem, it is very nice, hope you have a great eveninig, take good care dear luvya, xxVenus

    February 6, 2008 at 20:39

  2. n

    Ilse, ar you ok,  youre not sick its just that i havent heard from you, i hope you are ok.  let me know ok.  im stil in snow country on my sisters computer. xxxVenus

    February 7, 2008 at 14:47

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