Life is still beautiful!



It is true that the Jesus who lives in us died but did not die. But just as true is the fact that we have all known resurrection in our own lives as well. We have been crucified, each of us, one way or another, and been raised up again. What had been bad for us at the time, we now see, was in the end an invitation to rise to new life. The invitation was to a road, we now admit, which we would never have taken ourselves if we had not been forced to travel it. Looking back we know now that this hard road was really the journey that brought us at least one step closer to wholeness in a world in which wholeness can never exist. It may be precisely because we lust after some kind of mythical whole-ness that we fail to see the life-giving truths that come to us one byway, one fragment at a time.

Hope is not some kind of delusional optimism to be resorted to because we simply cannot face the hard facts that threaten to swamp our hearts. People do die and leave us. Friends do leave and desert us. Businesses do crumble and destroy us financially. Loves do dry up and disappear. Desires do come to dust. Careers do come to ruin. Disease does debilitate us. Evil does exist. But through it all, hope remains, nevertheless, a choice.

Hope rides on the decision either to believe that God stands on this dark road waiting to walk with us toward new light again or to despair of the fact that God who is faithful is eternally faithful and will sustain us in our darkness one more time. We can begin to build a new life when death comes. We can reach out to make friends with others rather than curl up, hurt and angry, waiting for someone to come to us. We can allow ourselves to love again, knowing now that love is a prize that comes inmany shapes and forms. We can allow ourselves to cultivate new joys, new interests. We can take the experiences of the past and use them to mine a new life lode. We can give ourselves over to resisting what must be resisted whether we ever live to see it expelled or not. We can let go of a finished present so that what is about to happen in the future can begin. We can decide to go through life with open hands rather than to trap ourselves inside a heart closed to everything but the past.


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  1. Petra

    For me.. I think there is no hope, but really trust, trust in myself, trust in the world.. and I don’t know why I have these trust, but it is there! Sometimes I have no hope, but I still have the trust..
    With lots of love, Petra

    January 17, 2008 at 18:00


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    January 17, 2008 at 19:38

  3. r

    Nice point you have even if all do not agree with you. I think that as God’s word tell us ……..there is season for everything as well as a reason. As we weather each storm we come out more prepared for the next one and with a
    little more knowledge. i myself differ from Petra though (not that i think she is wrong) i believe that there is always hope for without hope you can not have faith and without faith you cannot survive. But then faith is a lot like or sometimes mistakend for fatih.

    January 17, 2008 at 19:38

  4. Nozee

    I think that BOB has said it – I would like to edit his end sentence though.."But then faith is a lot like or sometimes mistaken for hope."The rest of my own commentary is reserved after reading part 3.- Le Snoop

    January 17, 2008 at 20:24

  5. n

    This is a great blog Ilse, I like this, so beautifully said,  faith is different than hope, but when you think about it, faith is believe without seeing and hope is looking for something better without seeing too. You can’t almost have one without the other, great points in this blog,  luvya dear, Have a great night. xx

    January 17, 2008 at 20:39

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