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Listening for Love

There are times

when we are timid

 and shy about expressing

the love we feel.

 For fear of embarrassing

the other person,

 or ourselves,

we hesitate to say

 the actual words

 ‘I love you’.

 So we try to communicate

 the idea in other words.

We say ‘take care’


‘don’t drive too fast’


‘be good’.

But really,

these are just other ways

of saying

 ‘I love you’.

‘You are important to me’,

 ‘I care what happens to you,


 ‘I don’t want you to get hurt’

 all mean

‘I love you’.

We are sometimes

 very strange people.

The only thing

we want to say,

and the one thing

 that we should say,

 is the one thing

we don’t say.

 And yet

because the feeling

 is so real,

 and the need to say

it is so strong,

 we are driven to use other




 to say what we really mean.

 And many times

the meaning never gets


 at all and the other person

 is left feeling

 unloved and unwanted.


 I believe we have to listen

for love in the words

that people are saying to us.

 Sometimes the explicit

words are necessary,

 but more often,

 the manner of saying

 things is even more important.

 A joyous insult

carries more affection

and love within the sentiments,

 which are expressed insincerely.

 An impulsive hug says

‘I love you’

even though

the words might be

saying something

very different.

Any expression

 of a person’s concern

 for another says

‘I love you’.

 Sometimes the expression

 is clumsy,

sometimes even cruel.

Sometimes we must look


listen very intently

for the love that it contains.

We say

‘I love you’

in many ways –

 with birthday gifts,

 and little notes,

with smiles

 and sometimes with tears.

 Sometimes we show our love

 by just keeping quiet

 and not saying a word,

 at other times by speaking out,

even harshly.

We show our love

 sometimes by impulsiveness.

Many times

we have to show our love

by forgiving


who has not listened

to the love we have tried

 to express.

The problem is listening

 for love

 is that we don’t always

understand the language of love,

 which the other person is using.

 A girl may use tears


 emotions to say

what she wants to say,

 and her boyfriend

may not understand her

because he expects her

to be talking his language.

We have to force

 ourselves to really listen

 for love.

The problem

 with our world is that people

rarely listen to each other.

 They hear the words,

 but they don’t listen

to the actions that accompany

 the words or the expression

 on the face.

Or people listen

only for rejection



They do not see the love

 that is there just beneath

the surface,

 even if the words are angry.

Simon and Garfunkel

 wrote that very haunting song,

 The Sound of Silence .

 It goes:

 Ten thousand people,

maybe more.

 People talking without


 people hearing without listening;

 people writing songs

 that voices never shared,

 because no one dared disturb

the sound of silence…

 It is a terrifying picture

of our modern world,

a world without communication

and without love.

We have to listen for love

 in those around us.

 If we listen intently

we will discover that

we are a lot more

loved than we realise.

Just listen!


2 responses

  1. Dallas

    This is so beautiful!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend angel. 🙂 and I pray you have a wonderful week.

    January 14, 2008 at 06:14

  2. n

    Beautiful poem Ilse, I was careful not to write too much. but some people don’t know what you and I know so you see, it’s easy to say Im not going private, but when someone is dangerous, you have to do what you have to do, and myself, if he comes and comment on my guestbook to scare me, I will go with friends only.  I understand you completely, some ppl you can’t touch and he’s one of them. I just wanted to make ppl aware that the devil is here too, but not name any name, Have a great evening, my dear. xxluvya

    January 14, 2008 at 15:53

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