Life is still beautiful!


Life is so unpredictable.
 Changes always come along,
 in big or small ways.
 I don’t know
what happened that this sudden
 change has turned my world
upside down.
 I don’t know exactly what it is,
it just hit me,
 but there is something
really special about you.It might be all the things

 I see on the surface,
 the things that everyone
notices and admires about you,
and a wonderful smile
 obviously connected
to a warm and loving heart;
these things set you apart
 from everyone else.
it may also be the big things …
 the person you really are
 that I hope
to know more someday.
it might
also be the little things …
the way you walk
 and all your actions.
 I receive so much joy
just being able to see a smile
in your eyes.
 If I ever figure out
the magic
that makes you so special,
 I’d probably find out
that it’s a combination
 of all these things.
You are a rare combination
of so many special things.
You are really amazing.Inside of me

 there is a place where
my sweetest dreams reside,
 where my highest
hopes are kept alive,
 where my deepest feelings
 are felt
 and where my favorite
 memories are safe and warm.
 I find that you’re on my mind
more often
than any other thought.
 I bring you there purposely
just to make my day brighter.
But more often,
 you surprise me
 and find your own ways
 into my thoughts.
 There are even times
when I awaken,
 I realize that you’ve been
 a part of my dreams.
Then during the day,
 when my imagination
 is free to run,
it takes me into your arms
 and allows me to linger
 there knowing there’s nothing
I’d rather do.
 I know my thoughts
are only reflecting
 the loving hopes of my heart
because whenever
they wander,
 they always take me to you.Only the most special

 things in my world
get to come inside my heart
and stay.
 And now,
 I realize
how deeply my life
has been touched by you.Love Always,

today is also
my son’s 
want to share one of my
fav. songs….
with u…..
these guys are just the best!!
i absolutely love them!!


2 responses

  1. n

    This is a beautiful poem, its nice to receive, I had one too a while ago, and it’s nice, and tell your son Happy Birthday for me.  Have a great weekend, xxluvya Venus

    January 12, 2008 at 15:26

  2. dawn


    i thank 😉 your
    blog is very unique, intriguing. shall come over to visit with you more
    when i have the time. you look barely 30 in the display picture— like woot!  a son who’s turning 18 today, time to loosen the reigns i suppose? :p 
    love poems always make me cry .. in a good way.  i hope you have a restful Sunday too! Stay Blessed, dawn

    January 13, 2008 at 09:29

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