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“Are there really miracles?
” Yes, of course,
 there are.
of us have heard of miracles
 in the form of physical healings
 that cannot be explained
by medical science.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket There are also miracles
when the perfect solution
 presents itself
at just the right time.

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 There are miracles
when some action taken by a person
puts him or her in just the right place
and results in a greater good
than ever seemed possible.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket There are miracles
in finding the perfect job,
the perfect mate,
and/or money
 when it’s most needed.

Miracles happen

through natural

and normal circumstances,

 and the “new science”

of quantum physics is proving

that we are–

every one of us–

already wired for miracles. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The reality is that every one

 of us can consciously take control

 and work to create a miracle

 or miracles in our lives.

 We are not victims

of a random existence

 in a confusing

and possibly hostile world.

 Life is for us,

 not against us. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

 Not only is it possible to experience

 a dramatic healing

or find the perfect solution

to our problems,

 but it’s also possible to express

 the dream

 or desire that we haven’t dared

pursue up to now

 and to learn how to bring such

 wonderful experiences

into our lives more often.
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To help get you started

on the path of creating

your own miracle,

here are eight simple steps…

Be very clear.

You need to be very clear
 about the miracle you desire –
about the good you want
 in your world.
 As you clearly visualize
or imagine your miracle,
 focus only on the end result
of what you want,
 not the means by
which it comes about.
 Let the “how”
 be up to the Infinite Intelligence
 that’s working for you
in response to your thinking.

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Expect the best.

We tend to attract
 that which we love,
 or steadily expect.
 So expect the best,
negative circumstances appear
–in fact,
 especially when they appear.
 When we expect less
than what we want,
 we get less than what we want.
 Remind yourself
that you do deserve
the good you desire.
 You deserve it
by the right
of your very existence.
 Consciously and consistently
 expect that everything is working
 to your greatest and highest good.

Let go of fear.

Fear is
 faith in something negative.
Be watchful
 about your thinking.
Your thoughts
magnetically attract
 others like themselves.
 When you think negatively,
 your mind
will go
 on a
into all sorts
of related realms of negativity
you consciously stop yourself.
 All of this will block
your miracle.

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 Of course,
 you can’t
 eliminate every single negative
thought for the rest of your life.
 But all you need is 51% faith
and your life will begin to turn
 in the right direction.
 When you realize
 this truth,
you will begin to feel empowered,
and your faith
 will become more
and more self-generating.

Open your mind

to all possibilities.

 we open to a greater flow
of Universal Power and Intelligence
in our world,
 we also need to let go
 of the way we want it.
 Although miracles always
in a very natural manner,
 they often come through
 unexpected channels.
 Whenever we hold tight,
 mentally or physically,
 to having things unfold
“our way,”
 we run the risk
 of delaying our good,
 diminishing it or even blocking
 it all together.
“What” is up to you.
 “How” is up to Spirit.


See yourself as you want to be.

If you desire health, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

you need to see yourself healthy

 and filled with energy

and enthusiasm for life.

 If you desire abundance,

you need to see

 yourself enjoying

 an abundant lifestyle.

 And so forth.

 This does not mean

 living in a state of denial.

 On the contrary,

you are clear

about the facts

of your present situation

 and handle

what needs to be handled.

 But while you are doing

 all of this,

 your thinking

 about where you are headed

 is focused on what you want,

 not on what you don’t

want or where you are today.

Keep the power.

Don’t talk about it.

Keep your miracle secret.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket To share it prematurely

is to dissipate some of the Power

 of your idea.


 a negative or envious person

will contribute

a certain

amount of negative energy,

 either spoken or unspoken,

 around your idea.

 The integrity of the relationship

between you and Spirit

with respect to the unfoldment

of your miracle

 must not be violated.


until it is absolutely necessary

 to share your idea

in order

 for it to continue unfolding.

 Even then,

 share as little as possible

with as few people as possible.

Do what needs to be done by you.

Through the Law
of Attraction,
 many good things
move into our lives,
 apparently unbidden.
 But almost always,
 there are things
that you need to do
 and choices you need to make.
When you are very clear
 about what it is you want
or need,
 your mind becomes calm

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 and focused.
 in turn,
 provides a clear channel
 for the guidance and direction
you need in making
your choices and decisions
about what to do–
whether it’s choosing
 the right doctor
or taking the right job.


Pray often.

 Prayer works.

Prayer is effective
whether we’re praying
for ourselves,
 praying for others,
 or being prayed for by others.

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 You don’t
have to be religious
for your prayers
 to be effective.
A few suggestions:
  • Pray at a time
  • and in a quiet place
  • where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Allow yourself
  • to feel empathy,
  •  love,
  •  and compassion
  •  for yourself
  • or for whomever you are praying.
  • Pray
  • with a complete expectation
  • that your prayer is being answered
  •  and
  •  that the desired result
  •  is right now in the
  •  process of manifestation.
After you pray,
“let go and let God.”
At that point,
 your job in the creative process
 is complete.
 Your continuing
 work is to guard your thinking.
 praying several times
 a day
is a major key to success
in obtaining your desires.

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  1. Faruk

    perfect    supeerrr…very  nıce wonderfull…cok cok ıyı harıkulade…………

    December 15, 2007 at 08:11

  2. n

    I absolutely love this post, I feel it’s taking to me, fur some reason.  I hope you are well my darling and how is your niece doing.  I know you’re busy, let me hear from you, if you have a min.  Have a great weekend,  Luvya, Venusxx

    December 15, 2007 at 14:40



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