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This is a year so full of emotion.. That I don’t know where to start..

A year filled with so much hurt…

But…. I’m one lucky girl…

I freed myself from a very unhappy relationship..!!  Not sure why I hanged around for so long.

People got retrenched @ my work place… The ones who stayed behind are cursed with slavery…

My son went through a terrible time. Was married to a very abusive woman. He is still suffering from this… And feeling that God left him… But God didn’t left and forgot about him..He gave him…his dream job!! image

Many times In my life I wished that I can be a hardless person…(the secret for survival…right??) The harder I try with this one…the less I succeed.

I’m still one of his spoiled children..yes I am!! I’m blessed with a new relationship..o yea!! We love deeply.. We fight with each other… We cry together… We make passionate Love.. And we both now 2015 is going 2b OUR year!! image My wish for everyone reading this is that your Live will be overflowed with much Love…Happiness..Joy…Good Health…and Blessings in Every way in 2015!!

Wrong decisions

Is it an art or a curse
Wrong decisions…
A blessing for something better or a demonic spell…
I reject the ones who beg for my love…
And please the ones who don’t appreciate…
I give the wrong advice…
And you get the ones who have the answer to Everything??
Yet they’d arn’t perfect too…
May wisdom follow me and the ones
Who’s so very close to my heart and soul…


I mourn

mourn photo: mourn.. sadme.jpg

I Mourn the earth’s hurt,

I Mourn the hurt of the people I love…

Because with no reason it seems to get more….!?

One of many of God’s Promises


Call to me, and I will answer you, and will show you great things, and difficult, which you don’t know. – Jeremiah 33:3 (WEB)


Unbelieveable but so very true




The sun will shine tomorrow or the day after
The rain will somehow end
This is not only a promise
It’s just the way it is, I know

Bad times never last forever, no no
The tough times they never stay
The heartache and the let down
Will soon go away, I know

In times of deep sadness
The pain is all too real
And it’s hard to believe
That we have to live this, I know

The dark clouds that hang above you and me
Will eventually move on
And the storms that dance around
Will soon be gone, I know

Stay strong and keep in mind
That again, the sun will shine!!
That I know!!

The big shock – Heart bypass surgery

 photo frans1.jpg 

On Monday night the 13th of January Frans ( my fiance) got severe chest pain,

On Wednesday night the 15th again…then it’s off to the GP.

Some test shown something is wrong with his heart…;-(

The dr sent him for more test…

Monday the 20th he booked in hospital for an Angiogram ( a process that provides your dr with precise information about your heart condition, allow much more individual treatment)

The heart specialist immediately re comment a heart bypass – in Frans case they need to bypass 5 of the 6 arteries to his heart..;-~(

The purpose of the ” bypass” operation is to supply blood to the part of the heart, which does not have an adequate blood supply – quoted from Cardio rehabilition of Wilgers Hospital

(a Heart bypass operation can last anything from 5 hours and more…Frans was in theatre for hours I can’t remember..)

They “harvest” veins from your legs and then use it to replace the “faulty” ones to your heart.

An incision was made in his breastbone in order to attach the grafts, the heart is stopped and placed on a bypass pump..)

He had so many drains in his body…drips that I stopped counting.

This is a very high risk procedure…and people said worth at the end.

In Frans case the main reason for his blocked arteries was SMOKING – also the biggest cause of heart disease.

There are other reasons for this condition as well: Hypertension, high blood cholesterol, Overweight, Lack of exercise and of course

the word stress.

We have a healthy life style…he is fit and very active…yes there is stress..but still not the main reason for his.

He is in his second week of recovery and is on a 8 week recovery program.

 photo frans2.jpg

The queen in this house hold

 photo 20131031_203925.jpg

Her name is “Zoey” means  “Life” in Greek.

The Urban dictionary describes her name as “Sweat Heart”

The name was popular among early Christians as a way of showing their hopes for eternal life.

 In our Household she is our little princess and priceless!

She gives love unconditionally…

 photo 20131226_173045.jpg

She is nothing much than fur..

And two big round yellow eyes..

She runs around in rings

See invisible things…

 photo 20140102_171801.jpg


“Be still.
Sunday is the one day that you need to gather yourself together, and the luminous universe and nature opens.
Lose yourself, and find yourself, and become what you already are.”
That is what Sunday’s are for..

 photo Sunday.jpg

 photo Sunday1.jpg
 photo sunday14.jpg

 photo sunday4.jpg
 photo sunday3.jpg

 photo sunday2.jpg
 photo sunday6.jpg

 photo sunday13.jpg
 photo sunday8.jpg

 photo sunday7.jpg
 photo sunday9.jpg

 photo sunday11.jpg
 photo sunday12.jpg

Capricorns and Unicorns

 photo Follow-Your-Dreams-unicorns-18114191-612-792_zps77761d78.jpg

 Capricorn and Unicorns a fairy tale story
in my dreams where fairies dancing in my little flower garden

Different colors of purple, pink and white as fairy glow

 falls and twinkle in the midnight twilight.

Their tiny see through wings, flicker in the moonlight
they fall on their back and start giggling..

This is real magic, as they listening to the songs of the frogs

They delighted me, and I know their story just began….

The name of God

Jesus Praying Pictures, Images and Photos 


Exodus 3:14

New International Version (NIV)

14 God said to Moses, “I am who I am.[a] This is what you are to say to the Israelite s”

This name was so Holy to the Jews that they not even wanted to express it!

Exodus 20:7

King James Version (KJV)

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.


no talking Pictures, Images and Photos

I took a chance and I believed,

A promise is a very special thing

A promise can be empty if it’s just a bunch of scattered words,

I can only watch and see what time hold for me,

and I wish you never fail me.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, the clock is moving..

Hope is there for those who wait and see…

My words are my prayers..

My hopes are my promises!

Looking back @ 2012

bye bye Pictures, Images and Photos

A year with much sweet as sour…
A lot of lessons, mistakes, tears which are covered by happy smiles…
My engagement – one of the highlights…Now I know we will always be together…
When my son got his final results – meaning he got the papers – finally his Bsc Degree….

a Very painful situation when I realised that the girl he loves…is not my choice for him…
But slowly I come to closure with the situation that I have to accept her if I don’t want to lose my son…
This keep me on my knees….close to God at this stage…

My wishes for 2013 are that we all experience only good!!!
No pain…no sorrow or sadness…!!

Perhaps that is not possible…but I want this for everyone reading this…including myself…!

Thank you everyone who are following me for many years…or months…;-)
I’m always so super excited to approve a comment…yea ….yea!!

So with this…I’m glad to say GOOD- BYE to 2012, and a very welcome to 2013!!

My Christmas wish for You!


My Christmas wish for YOU is one of PEACE, HOPE, JOY AND LOVE…
May YOU count your blessings one by one…
May YOU have a Merry Christmas!

Dragons did live ….

green dragons Pictures, Images and Photos

Spread your wings far and wide little dragon
After you left the cave
The air is thick with smoke…
From your fire….

Dragons did live in the old days
Like Fairies, dwarfs and elves
See the shadow of the dragon when he leaves the cage
They fly where they like…

I want to be a green dragon
Waiting for a miracle every night
The dragon slayers want me dead…
That is their desire…

Flying high and flying strong
No one will catch me..I light my fire…
They all think they will succeed
But I’m a flying Dragon!

Too Quick


Too quick

I Wish that I can hold you
one more time before you grow.
And tell you that I love you, as I do every day.
so that you will always remember that.
Please let me tie your shoe, put on your warm jacket,

Comb your beautiful long hair, one last time…

And you will remember the love I’ve shown.

Perhaps then just one day you care for me too

When I need that

I wanted desperately to be a part of your life.

In everything you do.

Please let me help you in difficult times

I miss the bedtime stories

The Sunday plays in the park, all the movies we watched together.

And when you become the greatest Scientist or biggest Hollywood actor

There will be no soul more proud than me!

Too quick you grew up, and in my heart I still want you to

Be just my boy!

Love you more than Life itself!

A bit darker thoughts


Not in a good space at the moment in my life….

Try to tell a story..


Dancing demands a freed person,

Dancing demands a whole person,

Dance is a transformation of space, time, and every day people,

I hear the applause.

I perform and do my best.

The bright lights shining on you from above.

You are a performer.

A dancer feels like no other

The vibrant rhythm of life…

I try to tell a story….

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…”

– Susan Polis Schutz


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